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• Focusing corporate social responsibility on the causes of problems, not just their conditions (CSR 2.0) • Liberating enterprises from the tyranny of the stock market • Shifting production and consumption away from MORE, toward better • Encouraging Indigenous development from the inside up • Putting economic globalization in its place, namely the marketplace (forthcoming) • Challenging illegitimate trade tribunals in national courts • Building up the social economy • Using progressive protests (1 hour longer each day) for impact • Collaborating among prominent NGOs for common cause, beyond institutional causes • Establishing a Peace Council (see pp.92-93) for security instead of insecurity • Developing a worldly strategy for the global climate (with Dror Etzion and Saku Mantere, submitted for publication) ___________________________________________________________________ This last one may be the start of a map, with key roles of the three sectors located around a circle: grounded engagement in the plural sector, autonomous venturing in the private sector, and orchestrated planning in the public sector.Choose the proper words or move the proper pieces while respecting the proper rules to make the proper picture. Some of this is fine when an existing category fits. But problems fester when there is a misfit, or a forced fit, or no fit.

Not good, however, is Coca-Cola’s promotion of exercise programs for obese children, because its own products are a significant cause of that obesity.The fragments listed above can be placed near each, but we conclude that real progress will depend, not on a collection of such efforts, but a consolidation of them around the circle. My thanks to Dulcie and the gang, Dulcie for the idea of the map, Gavin and Lorraine for the puzzles, and David for explaining why there may now be less novelty in professional hockey.Follow this TWOG on Twitter @mintzberg141, or receive the blogs directly in your inbox by subscribing here.Look, I’m a word guy who goes blank in cross-word puzzles (although I delight in inventing words, like TWOG). In the affairs of state, treat diplomacy like a game of chess.On a table, beside this game of ours, sat a jig-saw puzzle, its pieces strewn about near the box that showed what picture to make. These games are too pat for me, too circumscribed, closed-ended. And in life, find a partner on a dating site that lists categories of compatibility.

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